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Top 9 Litigation Consulting Articles from Q2-2015

by Ken Lopez Founder/CEO A2L Consulting It's been another great quarter of publishing blog articles on A2L's Litigation Consulting Report Blog. This quarter, there were more than 45,000 blog post views, and we are just about to cross the 7,000 subscriber mark. I find those metrics incredible....Read more

Repelling the Reptile Trial Strategy as Defense Counsel - Part 2 - 10 Ways to Spot the Reptile in Action

  by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting As I discussed in Part 1 of this series, the “reptile” trial strategy is quickly spreading among plaintiffs counsel. Some plaintiffs counsel have, in fact, claimed that the strategy has resulted in verdicts totaling more than $6 billion in the past few...Read more

Repelling the Reptile Trial Strategy as Defense Counsel - Part 1

  by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting Last week, I spoke at an annual gathering of defense attorneys whose subtitle was “Lawyers and Other Reptiles.” What's going on? Who are these reptiles? It’s an interesting story. This conference was planned as a way to bring together defense attorneys...Read more

One Voir Dire Must Do and One Voir Dire Must Never Do

  by Laurie R. Kuslansky, Ph.D.Managing Director, Jury ConsultingA2L Consulting You’re defending an alleged polluter. You ask prospective jurors, “Who here thinks there is too much government regulation of business?” You represent an individual hurt in a workplace accident. You ask, “Has...Read more