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50 Characteristics of Top Trial Teams

by Ken Lopez Founder/CEO A2L Consulting After the more than 20 years that we have spent in the litigation consulting business, we don't hear very many questions that we’ve never heard before. However, this week I did hear one, and the story is worth sharing because it goes to the heart of how a...Read more

How Creative Collaboration Can Help a Litigation Team

by Tony KlapperManaging Director, Litigation ConsultingA2L Consulting I was reading the Washington Post’s Business section on Sunday morning, and a front-page article about Sean Parker caught my eye. Parker, dubbed “Silicon Valley’s Bad-Boy Genius,” co-founded Napster and was the first president of...Read more

The Top 6 Litigation & Persuasion Focused Articles of Q1-2016

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting The first quarter of 2016 was one of A2L Consulting busiest in our 20+ year history. Not only was business up, visits to our web site increased 10% over the first quarter of 2015, and our Litigation Consulting Report Blog reached 8,000...Read more

10 Times You Should Switch Litigation Consultants

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting In 20 years in the litigation consulting business, I've seen a lot of successful trial teams and some that are not so successful. A team that is successful needs good leadership. In fact, good leadership and good preparation are the best predictors of a...Read more

5 Things TED Talks Can Teach Us About Opening Statements

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting Last week, I wrote about a new book that proposes a variety of life, body, and brain hacks to make us more persuasive. That book is written by Amy Cuddy, one of the top TED speakers of all time. I think the lessons she teaches are incredibly valuable for...Read more