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12 Reasons Using Trial Consultants (Like Us) Is Possibly Not Fair

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting When I speak to an audience about the work A2L does (other than trial lawyers from large law firms), I sometimes hear the question, “Is the kind of work A2L does fair?” That is, is it fair to have trial consultants support a trial team and use the latest...Read more

Using Litigation Graphics in Bench Trials: How Different Is It From Jury Trials?

by Tony KlapperManaging Director, Litigation ConsultingA2L Consulting We’ve spoken here more than once about the fact that jurors, unlike most attorneys, tend to be visual learners who like to be shown, not told. The best way to show them what they need to know, as we have said, is through...Read more

NITA Experts Agree: Jurors Want Lawyers to Show, Not Tell

by Tony KlapperManaging Director, Litigation ConsultingA2L Consulting We have written many times about the fact that scientific studies have shown that nonlawyers (who are the vast majority of jurors) tend to be visual learners, and tend not to be auditory learners or kinesthetic learners –people...Read more

How to Get Great Results From a Good Lawyer

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting Read more

2017 Will be a Great Year for (Most Types of) Trials

Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting This is the fifth consecutive year that I've written a new year economic outlook article focused on litigation. Please review some of my previous articles that were focused on 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013. While I believe that 2017 will be a very good year...Read more