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5 Key Lessons You Can Learn From Mock Juries

by Katie BagwillA2L Consulting Watching a mock jury deliberate is a lot like watching Dr. Phil; there is a lot of arguing, and most of the “facts” end up skewed. Nevertheless, a mock jury’s conclusions and how they reach them are essential to any lawyer who wants to understand the weaknesses of his...Read more

How to Be a Great Expert Witness (Part 2)

by Tony KlapperManaging Director, Litigation ConsultingA2L Consulting In my last post, I talked about the fact that an expert witness needs to express her expertise in a convincing way – but also in a way that the typical juror can understand and not in the language of a specialist. The...Read more

7 Ways to Overcome Cognitive Bias and Persuade

by Alex BrownDirector of OperationsA2L Consulting I read an article today that can be applied to our industry so well that I thought I should apply its lessons. The article was written by Eddie Shleyner and is titled: How to Defeat Your Most Dangerous Writing Habit: 7 Ways to Lift 'The Curse of...Read more

Storytelling at Trial Works - But Whom Should the Story Be About?

by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting I go to a marketing conference in Boston every year, and every year I see a handful of outstanding presentations about storytelling. One stood out for me this year that will have immediate applicability for our field. The presenter, Amina Moreau, is a filmmaker...Read more

How to Be a Great Expert Witness (Part 1)

by Tony KlapperManaging Director, Litigation ConsultingA2L Consulting You are a specialist in your field of study. You are about to take the stand as an expert witness in court. You have read hundreds, if not thousands, of articles in your field. You likely have an advanced degree that touches on...Read more