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18 Ways in Which Trial Can Be Like a Family Beach Vacation

  by Ken LopezFounder/CEOA2L Consulting Well, no one ever said a trial was like a day at the beach. Except that there are a lot of similarities, if you look hard enough. I'm just back from an annual two-week family vacation at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My wife and I have...Read more

Winning BEFORE Trial - Part 4 - Don't Overlook Visual Persuasion

  by Ryan H. FlaxManaging Director, Litigation Consulting & General CounselA2L Consulting In our last post in this series, we explained why storytelling is the key to gaining and keeping the attention of any decision maker and thus the key to winning before trial. How does one develop an...Read more

The Best Litigators Love Sales, Love Storytelling and Persuasion

  by Alex BrownDirector, OperationsA2L Consulting I hate selling. How many times do we hear this in our daily lives? Many of us have chosen our careers at least in part to avoid having to sell. I bet that many law students thought they’d never again need to be in a position to sell something....Read more

Social Proof and Jurors
Winning BEFORE Trial - Part 3 - Storytelling for Lawyers