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Top 10 Q3 Articles from The Litigation Consulting Report

Posted by Ken Lopez on Mon, Oct 1, 2012 @ 09:00 AM

litigation consulting top 10 articlesby Ken Lopez

We are always interested in knowing what interests our readers – so that we can offer more helpful information on this blog as we refine our interests and learn what our readers want.

Here are our top 10 blog posts for the third quarter of 2012, in the order in which they were viewed and downloaded by readers such as you. It’s interesting that the #1 post for the quarter involved a very current issue – the Apple v. Samsung patent litigation.

We predicted that in the Apple v. Samsung case, the outcome would be the result of good storytelling and demonstrative evidence, not necessarily the best legal case.  We are not surprised that the blog posts that focus on storytelling are often the most popular. People like a good story, and to the extent that a trial presentation mirrors that interest, it will be successful.

  1. demonstrative evidence consultants apple samsung Demonstrative Evidence & Storytelling: Lessons from Apple v. Samsung  

  2. trial graphics dont use bullet points  12 Reasons Bullet Points are Bad in Trial Graphics or Anywhere   

  3. patent litigation graphics consultants apple samsung  Patent Litigation Graphics & Storytelling Proven Effective: The Apple v. Samsung Jury Speaks   

  4. trial presentation tips from lawyer movies  16 Trial Presentation Tips You Can Learn from Hollywood  

  5. cost of trial graphics and trial technology keeping low  9 Trial Graphics and Trial Technology Budget Friendly Tips  

  6. avoid trial presentation mistakes how to lawyers6 Trial Presentation Errors Lawyers Can Easily Avoid  

  7. 5 trialdirector tips techniques secrets indata  5 TrialDirector Techniques for Seamless Trial Presentations 

  8. litigation consultants assist opening closing statements  How a Litigation Consultant Can Help You with Closing Statements  

  9. drafting better opening statements  7 Ways to Draft a Better Opening Statement 

  10. apple comic strip brief trial graphics Comic Brief for Your Comic Relief: Teaching with Graphics 



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