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Top 3 Litigation Articles - Q1-2019 + All Time

Kim Uradnik
By: Kim Uradnik

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At A2L, we publish so many articles about litigation and trial preparation that I like to share the best of the best periodically.

Below are the top three articles (based on readership) published in the first quarter of 2019 plus the top 3 articles from the last eight years (our blog's lifespan). I hope this information is helpful to you!

Top 3 A2L Litigation Articles Published in Q1 2019

3. 10 Ways to Maximize Persuasive Courtroom Storytelling (1 of 4)
2. The Border Wall Funding Dispute Could Be Won with Pictures
1. One Demonstrative Exhibit, One Concept

Top 3 A2L Litigation Articles of All Time

3. 10 Ways to Spot Your Jury Foreman
2. The Top 14 Testimony Tips for Litigators and Expert Witnesses
1. 5 Questions to Ask in Voir Dire . . . Always

Please contact me at uradnik@A2LC.com if you have a need for a mock trial/voir dire assistance, litigation graphics consulting, or a hot-seat operator. As you probably know, A2L Consulting has been voted a top provider in all of these service areas nationally.

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