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The Litigation Consulting Report

The Results Are In for Best Trial Consultants

Posted by Ken Lopez on Wed, Dec 7, 2016 @ 01:17 PM

best-trial-consultants-best-of-the-legal-times-2016.jpgby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

I don't want this post to be purely self-congratulatory, but I do have some good news to share. I think it's relevant and useful news for litigators and litigation professionals.

A2L was just voted number one in the legal industry again. This time, it's in the category of trial consultants, in a poll conducted by the prestigious Legal Times newspaper. This accolade comes on the heels of being voted the number one jury consultant and number one litigation graphics provider in a variety of other national polls.

Here's why I think this information is helpful for our readers. Twenty years after founding A2L, when I look at our industry I see three or four firms capable of delivering truly top-class results in high-profile litigation. However, the view from the law firms seems entirely different.

If you Google any of our services like jury consulting, litigation graphics, or trial technician providers, we may very well come up first in many of these searches (for good reason), but there will be dozens if not hundreds of other providers listed for these services.

How is one expected to sort the wheat from the chaff? You can't tell from a Google search because it's obviously not a reliable indicator of who is a top services provider. You can't always tell from your colleagues either. Have they had have many excellent experiences with a provider, or just a one off -- or do they have a longstanding relationship with a provider without a reliable track record?

Well, it's exactly surveys like this one in Legal Times that provide an objective source from thousands of lawyers surveyed. And I'm proud to say that over the last five years, A2L has been consistently highly ranked in just about everywhere we've been nominated.

So if you're in the market for a litigation consulting firm like ours or if you're in the market for another service like discovery, court reporting, or even law firm and litigation financing, a guide like this one is a good source of information. These guides prepared by objective organizations like Legal Times provide a directory of high-quality providers and can save a stressed litigator or litigation paralegal considerable time identifying the very best jury consultants, the very best litigation graphics providers, the very best trial technicians, the very best trial consultants or any one of dozens of categories relevant to litigation.

Click here to download your copy of this 2016 guidebook. I hope it's helpful to you.

top jury consultants best litigation graphics firm hot seat trial techs

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Last Day to Vote: Best of Legal Times 2016

Posted by Ken Lopez on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 @ 12:43 PM

bestofthelegaltimes2016-lastday.jpgby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

A2L was thrilled to be nominated in a number of categories again in the “Best of Legal Times” competition. We have won in these categories before, and I'd love your vote today in support of us.

I think these types of surveys are very useful for lawyers to participate in by identifying the very best service providers to the legal industry whom they are familiar with, in any number of categories. Once the results are in and published, lawyers and law firms can use the survey results, which can serve as a handy shortcut for finding the best providers. This includes, of course, trial consulting, jury consulting and all the other areas in which A2L competes.

These surveys don’t replace the old-fashioned method of seeking out good references and using providers that you’ve had good experiences with in the past. But they add very useful information – the “wisdom of crowds” in the form of the opinions of hundreds of lawyers who have looked to these providers in the past.

We believe that we stack up with the top providers in our industry. This year, we were nominated as Best Trial Consultants, Best Jury Consultants, and Best Demonstrative Evidence Provider.

If you'd like to participate, follow this link and scroll (you can skip the rest) to questions 45, 46, & 49 - don't forget to press the DONE button at the end.


Thanks for helping to identify the best in the business. You've told us before that we are at the top of our industries, and I hope you'll do it again.

best of the legal times 2016

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10 Times You Should Switch Litigation Consultants

Posted by Ken Lopez on Mon, Mar 28, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

fire litigation consultants highest ratedby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

In 20 years in the litigation consulting business, I've seen a lot of successful trial teams and some that are not so successful. A team that is successful needs good leadership. In fact, good leadership and good preparation are the best predictors of a trial team's success.

We've written before about effective trial team leadership and even released an e-book on good litigation leadership skills. Good leaders force timely preparation, they delegate effectively, and they put their egos aside in the interests of a successful outcome.

One important challenge for good trial team leaders is knowing when to make changes to the team. These changes can amount to anything from adding new lawyers to the team, removing lawyers and support staff, or even releasing vendors and hiring new ones. I have seen a fair number of litigation consulting firms removed at various stages of the litigation. Many times, we are the firm that is brought in to replace the removed firm.

An important part of the work of a good trial team leader is to ensure that a good litigation consultant is chosen. This is not an easy decision. Many companies that claim to be top litigation consulting firms are actually nothing more than trial technology firms or everyday graphic arts firms. The list of high-quality providers can be counted on one hand. So, unless you have first-hand knowledge about a firm and the people you'll be working with, there are plenty of ways to make mistakes. Fortunately, these can be corrected if you have a good reason and the courage to make the change.

By far the biggest reason I have seen firms removed from their roles in jury consulting or litigation graphics consulting is a lack of creativity. This is understandable because creativity is a hard thing to judge before you work with someone. Often these removals occur after one phase of the litigation and before the next. For example, in patent litigation, we are often brought in for the trial after another firm provided no meaningful suggestions or advice to counsel in the pretrial phases of the case.

I've also seen many examples where we are brought in after remand for the second bite at the trial apple. Sometimes a trial team says they just didn't get any value from their litigation consultants

There are many reasons a trial team would need to switch litigation consultants as they prepare for a mock trial or litigation graphics. It must not be forgotten that this type of switch is an extreme outcome that runs the risk of doing harm. It shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

  1. Yes people: I actually had the CEO of a competitor once ask me, “Why would I give litigators advice?” I indicated politely that his instincts were correct. HE shouldn’t do so. There are many like him in the industry. They can be a source of support if you’ve simply hired them to run your PowerPoint during an opening statement. Some just have no business taking the extra step and adding value, because bad advice is worse than no advice.

  2. Missed deadlines: On my first day of law school, my criminal law professor stopped a student trying to enter class late. He said, “You are attempting to enter the only profession in the world for which you can go to jail for being late.” There is never an excuse for being late.

  3. The creatively challenged: It’s common for technology people to masquerade as visual persuasion consultants. They should be pretty easy to detect. See Why Trial Tech ≠ Litigation Graphics16 PowerPoint Litigation Graphics You Won't Believe Are PowerPoint, and 21 Reasons a Litigator Is Your Best Litigation Graphics Consultant.

  4. The jury hack: As a top jury consultant wrote, there is no license required to become a jury consultant. So there are many “consultants” who are simply not qualified to gather data in a sophisticated way. Some trial technicians try to offer advice on a jury during voir dire. This is litigation consulting malpractice in my view. See, 6 Secrets of the Jury Consulting Business You Should Know and No Advice is Better Than Bad Advice in Litigation.

  5. Inappropriate behavior: I've seen trial technicians get drunk, I've seen affairs start in the war room, and I have seen some truly ethically depraved behavior behind the scenes at trial. Like the employee who attempts to steal clients, chances are that these behaviors will be repeated in other aspects of their lives, and you just have to avoid people like this. See, 5 Signs of a Dysfunctional Trial Team (and What to Do About It).

  6. Blaming: Some people are expert in playing politics. Trial is too intense an environment to have these types of people around. If I saw this behavior in a litigation consultant (and I have), I’d get them out immediately.

  7. Poor communications: One of the joys of working around Biglaw or at least big-ticket litigation is how well educated everyone is. As a result, most people write well, can work through issues quickly, and can understand people quickly. If your litigation consultant does not fit that profile, they are like a flaw in your perfectly aerodynamic trial vehicle.

  8. Lack of confidence: I like someone who says, “I don't know.” It's the ones who don't know and don't say that make me nervous. If one of these folks is around the trial team they can suck energy away.

  9. Can’t communicate differences well: Disagreement should be encouraged up to a point. Good litigators want their answers questioned (by the right people) after all.

  10. Lack of resourcefulness: I solve projects under pressure very well, and so do the people who work with me. But not everyone is like that.

Other A2L Consulting articles related to trial preparation, getting value of litigation consultants, and litigation team management:

litigation consulting graphics jury trial technology

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7 Award-Winning LitigationWorld Articles

Posted by Ken Lopez on Wed, May 27, 2015 @ 01:07 PM


litigationworld-450by Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

We just learned that a blog post that we wrote recently was named the “Pick of the Week” by LitigationWorld, a popular email newsletter for litigators, litigation support professionals, and corporate counsel who manage litigation. This is the seventh A2L Consulting post since 2011 to be so honored.
For each issue of LitigationWorld, the editorial team there reviews hundreds of articles published during the previous week. From these articles, one is selected as LitigationWorld Pick of the Week. The article is selected because the editors there believe that it is a must-read for anyone interested in litigation.
The article that won this honor was entitled “12 Reasons Litigation Graphics are More Complicated Than You Think.”
Many awards that are given out these days are meaningless because marketing can play a role in determining who wins. By contrast, those who win the LitigationWorld Pick of the Week award don't even know they're in the running and cannot influence the editorial team. That’s what makes this award meaningful to us.
The winning article, not surprisingly, lists 12 reasons that litigation graphics are more complicated than one might think. Among them: Litigation graphics must be more than merely electronic versions of printed documents; real litigation graphics experts are storytelling experts as well; and litigation graphics experts understand the psychology of a jury and how a litigator can use psychology to his or her advantage.
This prize-winning post is only one example. Our blog is full of interesting and useful thoughts about trials, juries and litigation. The American Bar Association recently named A2L's Litigation Consulting Report blog one of the eight best in the litigation industry. Below is a list of the seven articles that LitigationWorld has named Pick of the Week.

  1. 21 Ingenious Ways to Research Your Judge

  2. 12 Reasons Litigation Graphics are More Complicated Than You Think

  3. 16 PowerPoint Litigation Graphics You Won't Believe Are PowerPoint

  4. 10 Things Litigators Can Learn From Newscasters

  5. 10 Ways to Spot Your Jury Foreman

  6. 8 Reasons to be Optimistic About the Litigation Economy

  7. Your Trial Presentation Must Answer: Why Are You Telling Me That?

We're hard at work on writing new articles, and I'm very interested in hearing from you how we can be even better. To that end, if you have questions/ideas about The Litigation Consulting Report blog or about mock trials, litigation graphics for trial/ADR, trial technology/hot-seat operators or litigation advisory services for in-house counsel? Please comment below or write to Alex Brown at brown@A2LC.com. If you would like to subscribe or change how often you are notified about new blog articles articles? Click here.

Other articles that list our top blog posts, discuss A2L accolades or provide a useful directory of how to access information close to your interests include:

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The Top 30 Litigation Articles Out of Our First 300 Articles

Posted by Ken Lopez on Wed, Mar 12, 2014 @ 09:22 AM

litigation consulting report blog 300 articlesKen Lopez
A2L Consulting

This is a proud moment for me and for all of the authors who have contributed to The Litigation Consulting Report blog since its launch just three years ago. This article is our 300th article!

To celebrate, I'm listing our all-time top 30 articles as measured by your readership over the past three years. Each article has a click to tweet link and a share on LinkedIn link associated with it. I encourage you to share these articles with your colleagues and networks.

When I look at the statistics about The Litigation Consulting Report blog, I am amazed. 

  • 250,000 visits in three years
  • 3,950 subscribers and growing
  • An average of two articles published per week for three years
  • Almost 2,000 litigation e-books are downloaded from A2L every month.
  • In 2011, we started with 800 people visiting our website and blog each month, and now we approaching 20,000 unique visitors every month!

Perhaps the biggest honor of all came this year when the American Bar Association named The Litigation Consulting Report one of the top 100 blogs in the entire legal industry and one of the top 10 blogs in litigation. All this, and just three years ago, I was not sure if anyone would take the time to visit at all.

Subscribe Now - Completely Free Receive New Article Notices You Might Win an iPad

Thank you readers. I'm honored that you take the time to visit, that you take the time to subscribe, and that you take the time to share our articles. I'm very proud of the information we share, and your engagement is the fuel that drives more sharing.

Below are the top 30 articles that we have published at The Litigation Consulting Report based on the number of visits to that specific article:


30. Our 12 Very Best Articles of 2013 for Lawyers & Litigation Support

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

29. 20 Fascinating Articles About Social Media and Litigation

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

28. Litigation Graphics, Psychology and Color Meaning

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

27. Today's Tech Failure at the George Zimmerman Trial Takes Center Stage

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

26. 5 Keys to Telling a Compelling Story in the Courtroom

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

25. 15 Fascinating Legal and Litigation Infographics

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

24. Trial Graphics, Color Choice and Culture

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

23. 16 Trial Presentation Tips You Can Learn from Hollywood

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

22. 7 Things Expert Witnesses Should Never Say

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

21. The Jodi Arias Trial, A Case Study in Experts, Witness or Witless?

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

20. 10 Videos to Help Litigators Become Better at Storytelling

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19. 20 Great Courtroom Storytelling Articles from Trial Experts

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18. 10 Outstanding YouTube Channels for Litigators and Litigation Support

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17. 16 PowerPoint Litigation Graphics You Won't Believe Are PowerPoint

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16. The Top 14 Blogs for Litigators & Litigation Support Professionals

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

15. Top 5 Trial Timeline Tips

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14. Beyond PowerPoint: Trial Presentations with Prezi and Keynote

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13. 21 Ingenious Ways to Research Your Judge

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

12. 12 Alternative Fee Arrangements We Use and You Could Too

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

11. The 14 Most Preventable Trial Preparation Mistakes

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

10. 10 Things Every Mock Jury Ever Has Said

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9. The 12 Worst PowerPoint Mistakes Litigators Make

share on twittershare on LinkedIn

8. How to Structure Your Next Speech, Opening Statement or Presentation

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7. The Top 14 Testimony Tips for Litigators and Expert Witnesses

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6. Demonstrative Evidence & Storytelling: Lessons from Apple v. Samsung

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5. Lists of Analogies, Metaphors and Idioms for Lawyers

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4. The Top 10 TED Talks for Lawyers, Litigators and Litigation Support

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3. 12 Reasons Bullet Points Are Bad (in Trial Graphics or Anywhere)

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2. 5 Questions to Ask in Voir Dire . . . Always

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1. The 50 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Lawyers and Litigators

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complex civil litigation ebook free

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Our 12 Very Best Articles of 2013 for Lawyers & Litigation Support

Posted by Ken Lopez on Thu, Dec 26, 2013 @ 01:30 PM

top articles lawyers litigators 2013 litigation consulting reportby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

What a difference a year makes (especially in legal industry blogging).

In the past twelve months, this publication, the Litigation Consulting Report blog, has risen to new levels of readership and recognition that I did not believe possible when I launched it just three years ago.

  • Total subscribers rose this year from 1,400 to 3,600;
  • we published 129 articles this year vs. 92 last year;
  • there were hundreds of thousands of visits compared to tens of thousands in the year before;
  • tens of thousands of litigation e-books have been downloaded; and 
top legal blog 100 2013 litigation
• The American Bar Association picked this very blog as one of the Top 100 Blogs in the legal industry
and added, "it's hard to resist the infectious numbered-list headlines that keep us reading their chatty, first-person posts answering questions we hadn't yet thought to ask."

I think that is all rather incredible. With readership numbers increasing faster than they were a year ago, the future looks rather bright for A2L Consulting and for blogging in the legal industry.
As 2013 comes to a close, we look back at the articles that our readers read most this year. Presented below are the 12 best Litigation Consulting Report articles based on readership numbers. 


storytelling for litigators12. 20 Great Courtroom Storytelling Articles from Trial ExpertsThe power of storytelling in the courtroom is increasingly being recognized. In these 20 articles, experts discuss its value and offer lessons. [Click here to tweet this article]


youtube channels for litigators and litigation support
11. 10 Outstanding YouTube Channels for Litigators and Litigation SupportA wealth of knowledge & skills improvement awaits litigators & litigation support on social networks. Here is a guide to some of the best of YouTube. [Click here to tweet this article]


how to avoid trial presentation mistakes

10. The 14 Most Preventable Trial Preparation MistakesHere are 14 completely preventable trial preparation missteps related to practice, storytelling, jury work, trial technology and litigation graphics. [Click here to tweet this article]


best litigation blogs
9. The Top 14 Blogs for Litigators & Litigation Support ProfessionalsWhether you call them blogs or blawgs, here are 14 top litigation blogs for trial lawyers and litigation support professionals. [Click here to tweet this article]


things mock juries say
8. 10 Things Every Mock Jury Ever Has SaidAfter 400 mock trials, one jury consultant notices 10 common things all mock juries say. Use this valuable list as a checklist for closing arguments. [Click here to tweet this article]


how to research your trial judge

7. 21 Ingenious Ways to Research Your JudgeUse these 21 tips from top jury consultants and litigation consultants for researching your judge, and you will be positioned for success at trial. [Click here to tweet this article]


opening statement organizational structure
6. How to Structure Your Next Speech, Opening Statement or PresentationHere are two ways to organize a speech, presentation or opening statement that will make it easier to start, to present well and to persuade. [Click here to tweet this article]


alternative fee arrangements

5. 12 Alternative Fee Arrangements We Use and You Could TooAlternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are becoming the norm in high-stakes litigation both for law firms and vendors. Here are 12 types to consider. [Click here to tweet this article]


describe the image
4. The 12 Worst PowerPoint Mistakes Litigators MakeDelivering a great PowerPoint presentation in the courtroom or elsewhere is not easy. Avoiding 12 simple PowerPoint mistakes is, here's how. [Click here to tweet this article]


best expert testimony tips for expert witnesses

3. The Top 14 Testimony Tips for Litigators and Expert Witnesses — Read this article to learn how to answer tough questions in depositions, on direct exam and on cross examination. Great read for expert witnesses. [Click here to tweet this article]


voir dire questions
2. 5 Questions to Ask in Voir Dire . . . Always — Fail to ask the right questions during voir dire and it could mean a loss. Here are five questions I recommend you ask during every voir dire. [Click here to tweet this article]


describe the image

1. The 50 Best Twitter Accounts to Follow for Lawyers and Litigators — Twitter can be a useful tool for litigators, lawyers and litigation support professional seeking litigation news, tips, industry trends and more. [Click here to tweet this article]


Would you believe more than 11,000 people have read the number one article just since February? Showing the increasing power of social media, the article also has 201 Facebook likes, 130 Google +1's, 67 LinkedIn shares and it has been tweeted 670 times.
Thank you for a great 2013. I hope that you head to trial in 2014, and if you do, I hope that you will include A2L Consulting in your plans for:

We would love to discuss our extremely popular and
client-friendly alternative fee arrangements as well as participate in your preferred litigation support vendor programs. I invite you to contact me at any time (email is best). Good luck in 2014!
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Top 100 Legal Industry Blogs Named by the American Bar Association

Posted by Ken Lopez on Tue, Dec 3, 2013 @ 09:30 AM


ABA top 100 blogs 2013 blawgs american bar associationby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

There are thousands of blogs in the legal industry, and as Dr. Ken Broada-Bahm, one of my favorite blog authors, alluded to recently, blogs are where a good deal of knowledge about trials and about lawyering can be found today.

The American Bar Association (ABA) recently named its top 100 blogs in its seventh annual ranking of the legal industry's best. Our blog, the Litigation Consulting Report, was ranked among the top 100 for the first time.

A number of us here at A2L contribute to this blog, We work very hard at it, and we are very excited about the ABA's recognition. The funny thing is that our blog almost never happened at all.

At the beginning of 2011, we were discussing launching a blog, and I remained very skeptical that anyone would take the time to read it. I knew we had interesting things to say, given our unique spot in the industry -- but I also know how busy our clients are. Yet three years later, every month 15,000 people read an article on our blog, and about 3,500 subscribe to be notified by email when new litigation blog articles are published.

The ABA broke down its top 100 legal industry blog list into categories. In the litigation category we are included among eight litigation blogs. I believe that the ABA chose this group wisely. I agree that these are great blogs. Indeed, many were previously recognized in my post last year, The Top 14 Blogs for Litigators & Litigation Support Professionals.

The ABA is now taking votes to pick the best in each law-related category. Here is the litigation blog list, plus what the ABA (or its readers) had to say about these blogs:

1. The Litigation Consulting Report: "it's hard to resist the infectious numbered-list headlines that keep us reading their chatty, first-person posts answering questions we hadn't yet thought to ask."

2. Arbitration Nation: "it has practical takeaways of interest to litigators, which is especially important for me, as an arbitrator, to be cognizant of."

3. Persuasive Litigator: "he is erudite and authoritative without being overbearing. He should be writing opening statements and closing arguments."

4. At Counsel Table: "Alex Craigie doesn't just tell his readers about how to wow a jury. He does a couple of posts a week covering all aspects and avenues of litigation."

5. The Velvet Hammer: "Karen Koehler gives voice to the realities of being a hard-driving trial attorney and a stretched-thin working mom."

6. The Jury Room: "this is a useful one for litigators and anyone interested in getting some insight into jury psychology."

7. Point of Law: "Posts cover securities litigation insofar as how the victorious plaintiffs, their law firms and the contract attorneys hired by those law firms get paid—and explore the fairness of it all."

8. Compelling Discovery: "if you're a civil litigator, you already know about this blog. But if you've missed its first year and a half, you need to acquaint yourself with it posthaste."

I hope you'll subscribe to each one of these blogs as there's much we can all learn from these authors. I also hope you'll consider voting – hopefully for the A2L blog --- to help the ABA make its choice of the top litigation blog.

ABA Blog Top 100

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[Vote] The Annual LegalTimes Best Legal Vendors Survey

Posted by Ken Lopez on Fri, Sep 6, 2013 @ 06:30 AM

best of legaltimes 2013 vote here surveyby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

There are a half-dozen annual surveys in the legal industry that ask lawyers and legal industry experts, "who are the best litigation support vendors?" The annual Best of LegalTimes survey is one of the premier surveys in this group. Other high-quality legal industry surveys include those by The New York Law Journal, The National Law Journal, and The Recorder.

Each of these surveys is a valuable local and national resource for almost anyone in the legal industry. Since voting is restricted to members of the legal community, the surveys and the voting results offer an excellent guide for those seeking pre-trial support, trial support and other litigation support services. In addition to the focus on litigation support services, the surveys also ask questions about non-litigation services such as banking, real estate and accounting.

LegalTimes was founded in 1978 and is the top news source for Washington, D.C.'s legal and lobbying industries. It servers Washington, D.C.'s unusually large legal community where 1 in 12 residents in the region is a lawyer. Compare that with about 1 in 250 people nationally. Indeed, fully 1 in 15 of all lawyers in the U.S. works in D.C. (even more are admitted to practice there), and the number of lawyers in D.C. alone is twice that of all lawyers in France.

In 2009, LegalTimes was merged into The National Law Journal, an ALM publication. Fortunately, ALM kept the separate branding and the popular BLT: Blog of the Legal Times.

In the last several years, A2L Consulting has been voted Best Demonstrative Evidence Consulting Firm, Best Jury Consultants and Best Intellectual Property Litigation Consultants in a number of the aforementioned and other publications. To say that we have been thrilled with those accolades would be putting it mildly. It really is an honor, and I deeply appreciate the thousands of votes we have received to date from the legal industry.

While this LegalTimes survey may focus on the DC legal community, I think it is valuable to cast a vote no matter where you are located. After all, firms like ours in the litigation consulting, jury consulting and demonstrative evidence industry usually serve a national audience, as we have done for 18 years. The same is true in other industries like e-discovery, iPad applications and legal research. Since you need not answer every question to complete the survey properly, only answer those that matter to you and be sure to make it to the last page to hit the "done" button.

I would be sincerely grateful if you would vote for A2L Consulting in one or more of the categories we are nominated for this year which include:

  1. Best Demonstrative Evidence Consultant (previous winner)
  2. Best Jury Consultant (previous winner)
  3. Best Trial Consultant
Regardless of whether you vote for A2L, voting is a good thing to do. It will help you understand which companies, big and small, operate in various categories, and the knowledge you share by voting will benefit the industry as a whole. The voting is scheduled to close soon, so I urge you to vote now.
Keep an eye out for these various surveys as they run in local and national legal publications. They are helping to surface best-in-breed firms like ours that may have been out-advertised in the past. We're honored to be in the company of fine firms likes DecisionQuest, TrialGraphix and FTI consulting, all whom are our primary national competitors.

If your firm is nominated this year, tell me by leaving a comment below, and I'll look out for it when I cast my vote. Best of luck to all of the nominees.
vote best of legal times survey 2013

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Tony Klapper joined A2L Consulting after accumulating 20 years of litigation experience while a partner at both Reed Smith and Kirkland & Ellis. Today, he is the Managing Director of Litigation Consulting and General Counsel for A2L Consulting. Tony has significant litigation experience in products liability, toxic tort, employment, financial services, government contract, insurance, and other commercial disputes.  In those matters, he has almost always been the point person for demonstrative evidence and narrative development on his trial teams. Tony can be reached at klapper@a2lc.com.

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Laurie R. Kuslansky, Ph.D., Managing Director, Trial & Jury Consulting, has conducted over 400 mock trials in more than 1,000 litigation engagements over the past 20 years. Dr. Kuslansky's goal is to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible whether one's need involves a mock trial, witness preparation, jury selection or a mock exercise not involving a jury. Dr. Kuslansky can be reached at kuslansky@A2LC.com.

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