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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a courtroom animation is worth a million words.

No other courtroom technology has the persuasive punch that courtroom animation has. After all, seeing truly is believing.  And when a judge or jury sees a courtroom animation about the function of a patented device, sees biochemistry in action, sees how the plane crashed, sees the trouble the construction project is in, or sees how the environmental plume moved, they will have a hard time seeing it any other way.

And that's the point, isn't it.  We only want the judge or jury to see it our way.  The harder the other side's position is to imagine, the more likely we are to be seen as correct.

We work with engineers, doctors, scientists and even economists acting as experts to create courtroom animations that tech and persuade.  We do this in all kinds of cases, but practically, the amount at stake must be significant enough to justify the investment.

In our decades of creating animation for the courtroom, we've never had an an animation excluded from evidence, and this is important.  Admissibility is key when it comes to animation.  If it does not get admitted, money is wasted.  We simply won't let that happen.

Below are a variety of topics related to courtroom animation that may help you as you think about using courtroom animation:

We invite you to contact us with questions about courtroom animation whether you intend to involved our firm our not. We believe we have an educational role to play in the courtroom animation industry as well.  Contact Alex Brown, or 800.337.7697 x121. 

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