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A2L Consulting is a full service litigation support and litigation consulting firm that helps lawyers persuade and explain difficult concepts to judges, juries and the general public. Through the use of visual designs, oratorical techniques, trial technology and litigation consulting, A2L Consulting effectively translates complex information into interesting and understandable trial exhibits, powerful messages and other visual communications.

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Since our founding in 1995, A2L Consulting has become the premier national firm in the litigation consulting, trial graphics and law firm marketing industries. Our preeminence derives largely from the fact that A2L Consulting is owned and operated by lawyers.  It takes a lot of work to become a litigation consultant at A2L and our clients are grateful for the people we hire.

Our litigation consultants are attorneys who comprehend the “big picture” behind the litigation and understand the importance of detail. Our attorney ownership and operation benefits our clients because there is no need to spend countless hours explaining legal concepts, evidentiary rules, law firm politics or litigation theory. We already speak your language ergo we save you time.

Talent runs deep at A2L Consulting. Whether you are trying a bet-the-company case, in need of everyday litigation support services or looking for senior litigation consultants, A2L Consulting can help. In additional to our highly effective attorney/consultants, every artist at A2L Consulting is highly trained in the art and science of both litigation and marketing communications. While our overall mission is simple to describe, it is very difficult to execute without the combination of skills that Animators at Law offers. We help attorneys win their most difficult cases and most skeptical clients by making complex information interesting and understandable. In short, at A2L Consulting, We Make Belief ™.
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About A2L

A2L Consulting offers litigation consulting services to law firms and corporations worldwide. The firm's services include jury consulting, litigation graphics and trial technology. A2L headquarters is in Washington, DC and it has personnel or a presence in New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The firm's work routinely takes it to those cities plus Boston, Newark, New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, Virginia, Maryland, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix and London, England.