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At A2L Consulting, our philosophy regarding trial presentation hardware, hot seat operators and software is simple: trial teams should NOT have to worry about any of it. All should simply work, and with A2L Consulting, all does.

A2L Consulting provides cradle-to-grave solutions for all your litigation needs. Our “complete” trial presentation approach offers trial technology services for all your pre-trial, trial and post-trial needs. A2L Consulting is a nationally recognized expert in courtroom strategy, demonstrative evidence, hot-seat operation, TrialDirector, Sanction and complete digital trial technology. A2L Consulting is dedicated to meeting our client's needs, and we are committed to making the litigation process flawless.

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Our pre-trial and trial presentation hardware services consist of state-of-the-art technology including black and white imaging, color imaging, document coding, OCR, Blowbacks, video encoding and video synchronization. We also provide equipment rental and setup.  At the core of these services however is the trial technician or hot seat operator.

A2L routinely provides trial teams with deeply experienced trial technicians. Their role is to manage the trial presentation technology in the courtroom and run the trial presentation software so that the display of depositions and documentary evidence is effortless. Often, our technicians will work in the war room with little sleep to match the effort of the trial team and ensure a perfect display of evidence.


We offer both hourly rate pricing and flat-fee project pricing for both our trial technician services and demonstrative evidence services. Learn more here.

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Why Create a Trial Presentation?

The main reason for using exhibits and visual evidence at trial is to present information in such a way that it becomes more comprehensible to a judge or jury.

Psychologists who have studied the way people communicate and learn have discovered that approximately 2/3 of the population (2/3 of any jury pool and judges) are "visual learners." That is, people tend to process new information that is presented to them in a visual format much more effectively than when the same information is presented to them verbally.

Psychologists have also determined that a majority of lawyers are auditory/hearing or kinesthetic people. That is, they tend to process information more effectively by hearing or experiencing information. Furthermore, studies have also shown that people tend to communicate information, or "teach", in the same way that they prefer to learn. Therefore, most lawyers, as auditory learners, prefer to communicate information, or teach, by speaking rather than by showing.

In the typical courtroom scenario, what one finds is a jury, comprised mostly of visual learners, who are waiting to be shown the information, and lawyers, who are auditory learners and teachers, attempting to communicate the information by verbally explaining it. This common situation invariably creates a significant gap in communication between the lawyer and the judge and jury. The impact of this gap upon the success of a case cannot be overstated because if a judge or jury cannot visualize your argument, they typically will not understand it. A2L, by designing persuasive and creative courtroom evidence, helps to bridge the gap between the verbal communicator and the visual learner.

Free E-Book - Click to DownloadGuide to Engaging Trial Technicians

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