A2L Careers in Trial Graphics, Jury Consulting and Trial Technicians

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the A2L Team. It means a great deal to us that you would want to work at our company. We are always evaluating our needs and are often hiring attorneys, animators, interactive programmers, graphic designers and members of our administrative and management teams.

Here are the top people we are looking for:

  1. Trial Technicians/Hot Seat Operators - Nationally, PT and FT - Minimum of 25 Trials and must have references.
  2. Litigation Consultants - Attorneys with a creative side and a knack for finding quick ways to explain difficult concepts. Experience in or around large law firms.
  3. Information Designers - Smart artists and animators with a degree from a respected institution with flexible schedules.  Trial graphics experience preferred.
  4. Jury Consultants - Both Ph.D and Masters level - those with existing client relationships preferred.  Experience with large defense-side cases.
  5. Unpaid Interns - Year round - good undergraduate and graduate schools only.

Everyday at one of our offices is exciting and rewarding. If you have read some of the articles on this site that describe our company, you already know that we are growing by leaps and bounds.

If you are an artist, animator, trial graphics expert or designer, please send us a cover letter, resume, and some samples of your work (electronically). If you are interested in an administrative or management position, a cover letter and resume will suffice. Do send us materials as often as you like, however please do not expect to hear from us immediately. We get dozens of packages each week, and while we do look at every package, and we are so thankful that someone is interested in becoming part of our team, we simply cannot get back to everyone who applies.

Do send us samples of your work. Do not ask us to return your samples. Because of the volume of packages we get every week, we simply cannot pick out certain packages to return. Also, we like to keep information on file so that we can call at a future date when we have a project that calls for your skills.

Do apply for summer or school year internships. While these positions are unpaid, we promise to give you valuable experience and a vocational education that will make you more attractive to potential employers (including us) after you finish school.

Thanks again for stopping by. We are excited to hear from you!

Send submissions to jobs@A2LC.com.

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