A2L Voted Best Jury Consultants and Best Trial Graphics Firm by the Readers of LegalTimes

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Recently, prominent legal publication LegalTimes surveyed its readership for the best providers of various legal services - from litigation consulting to trial graphics to intellectual property programs at law schools to social media marketers.

In this national survey, A2L Consulting was honored to be voted the #1 jury consultants by the readers of LegalTimes. Being voted the top jury consulting firm is among many honors bestowed on A2L Consulting over recent years that include best national trial presentation consulting firm and being a top intellectual property litigation consulting firm.

You may download a PDF file of the 2015 LegalTimes supplment reflecting A2L's honor and best jury consultants here.

You may download a PDF file of the 2012 LegalTimes supplment reflecting A2L's honor and best jury consultants here.

You may download the National Law Journal's PDF guide showing A2L voted top trial presentation consultants.

Other valuable resources on our site related to jury consulting and trial consulting include:

Our jury consulting approach to each case relies on our experience and the latest research on witness credibility, persuasion, memory retention, and communication. Realizing that every case requires different research methodologies, we work to custom-tailor our services to accommodate your needs and bring a new, creative approach to each case.

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