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How to Pick a Litigation Consulting Firm (Jury, Graphics or Tech)

By: Nina Doherty

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choosing best litigation consultantA2L has been around since 1995 and can work on hundreds or even thousands of cases in a given year. With that experience, we have seen a great many law firms and in-house departments go through the process of finding a litigation consulting firm for litigation services such as trial consulting, litigation graphics and trial technician support

Here is our suggested approach to an effective vetting process for a law firm considering litigation consulting services. As you will see, we think the process works best when it is structured and when each potential vendor is asked to provide the same information. Always make sure that you cover the following questions in interviewing the potential provider:

Experience and Process. How long has the firm been in the litigation consulting business – specifically, how long has it been doing litigation graphics, trial technology and jury research? Does the firm have a project management process? Will the law firm need to deal with multiple support groups, or will there be a single point of contact for the project? Does the firm have lawyers and Ph.D. consultants on staff, or is it one that focuses mostly on art or courtroom technology?

Capabilities and Work Product. What are some good examples of the firm’s litigation graphics work, its ability to create a hyperlinked e-brief, and its juror survey and jury consulting approach? Has the firm supported cases of a similar size to the one that is now before you? Has the firm received any industry awards or won similar accolades for its work? Can the firm provide on-site graphics support, in addition to trial technology?

Click meSystems and Infrastructure. Does the firm require that you use their proprietary trial presentation software or are they able to work with Trial Director and Sanction? Do they have enough people to get the job done in a timely and effective manner? On average, how many cases do their trial technicians support at any given time? What method does the firm use to create demonstrative deliverables: Can the lawyers modify the text created by the vendor in the PowerPoint slides? Can the firm produce large boards and in what time frame?  Can they make their e-briefs iPad accessible? What processes do they support for file delivery and exchange – email only, web-based, or ftp transfer?

Pricing Options. Does the firm have flexible pricing arrangements? Will it consider a fixed fee? How does the firm work to manage or avoid cost overruns? Can the firm estimate expenses in advance to develop a budget, and stick to that budget?

A law firm that consistently uses this approach is likely to find a litigation consulting firm that it will be pleased with.  We sincerely wish you the best in your search!

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