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Who Are the Best Demonstrative Evidence Firms?

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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Best of NLJ A2L Consulting The National Law Journal is currently running a contest entitled “The Best of NLJ” to select the top providers of services to law firms nationwide. Everyone at A2L Consulting and I would, of course, like your vote, but more important than anything, please do vote.

Last year, A2L Consulting was voted the best demonstrative evidence provider in the Washington, D.C., area – our home base.

We are hoping to win the national honor this year. Voting is open through March 31, 2012.

I’m very excited about this contest not only because we were nominated, but also because it indicates that the demonstrative evidence industry is fully understood and accepted in the legal community and is here to stay.

Our type of service – using psychology and technology of all varieties to help trial lawyers present evidence in a clear and convincing way – is barely 25 years old. When A2L Consulting opened its doors, as Animators at Law, in 1995, we spent more time selling the need for our service than selling our firm.  Now, most large cases go to trial with at least two demonstrative evidence firms involved.

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It turns out that it is quite difficult to make the complex simple. It takes time and expertise to do it well. With firms like ours going to trial all the time – far more frequently than even a top litigation law firm – we have a great deal of experience. As technology and change accelerate, cases have become more complex, and the need for demonstrative evidence firms has never been greater.

It is really quite amazing what we do – advise some of the nation’s best communicators about how to communicate more effectively.

As a finalist in the NLJ competition, we are in good company with other national firms such as TrialGraphix and DecisionQuest. We are proud to be in the same category as firms like these, which helped create our industry. DOAR, formed in 1989, helped bring technology to courtrooms in the 1990s. DecisionQuest popularized jury consulting on a national scale, and TrialGraphix helped give one element of our service a name.

I believe our unique approach to litigation consulting, using visually oriented attorneys and former litigators to lead our project teams, has profoundly improved the way top litigators try cases.

We would like your vote. Just go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NLJBest2012, and

  1. Fill in your name and other information.

  2. Locate the question about the BEST DEMONSTRATIVE EVIDENCE PROVIDER. The 60 or so questions are presented in random order.

  3. You may respond to the other questions as well but you need not do so. Then click through to the end of the questionnaire to “Done.”

We hope that this contest is just another step in the recognition of A2L Consulting as an industry leader.


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