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FREE 250-Page Complex Civil Litigation E-Book

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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complex civil litigation ebook freeby Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

Most of A2L Consulting's jury consulting, litigation graphics and trial tech work involves complex civil litigation. While A2L supports a handful of individual criminal cases, small personal injury cases and everyday employment disputes each year, the vast majority of our work relates to disputes between medium/large-size companies and/or government entities.

Our work often requires A2L to support multiple major law firms with attorneys spread over many cities. There are often billions of dollars at stake, and the number of trial exhibits is in the thousands or millions. When the case warrants it, we provide the full trifecta of A2L's core services - mock trial, litigation graphics development, and then courtroom technology management and personnel. This is what complex civil litigation means to us.

We offer free practice-area-specific litigation e-books devoted to topics like patent litigation, antitrust litigation, environmental litigation and much more. However our complex civil litigation e-book is our foundational publication. It contains more than 250 pages of our very best articles, research and thought-leadership for how to best try complex civil cases. There is really nothing else like it, and there is certainly nothing like it offered as a free download.

This third edition of our complex civil litigation book is a must-have invaluable read for anyone who spends time in the courtroom. We cover topics such how to best conduct voir dire, what mock juries always tell us, how best to prepare your case a year in advance, how to use litigation graphics for a win, what to do when trial pressure is getting to you, how best to deploy courtroom technology to your advantage, and the ever-popular topic of how to conservatively spend client money while putting the team in the best position for a win.

I invite you to download this free e-book and please share a link to this page (copy/paste the URL or just use the share buttons above) with your friends and colleagues. Once you have had a chance to review it, I hope you will consider taking a moment to provide some feedback on the quality of materials and ideas shared in it. If you have questions about any of the work we do or would like to discuss any of the 74 articles in this book, please contact me.

This free book contains the collective wisdom from litigators and litigation consultants with hundreds of years of combined trial experience. The work of these authors has involved cases with trillions dollars cumulatively at stake, over more than 500 mock trials, more than 10,000 case. We hope you enjoy it.

Download The Complex Civil Litigation Trial Guide 3rd Edition by clicking here.


complex civil litigation ebook free

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