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5 Valuable (and Free) Complex or Science-Focused Litigation Resources

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

Litigation Consulting, E-Book, Webinar, Science, Expert Witness, Witness Preparation

by Ken Lopez
A2L Consulting

Over the past 15 years, A2L Consulting has partnered with Innovative Science Solutions (ISS) on everything from tobacco litigation to hydraulic fracturing to alleged health effects of cell phones. Along the way, we have learned, often by overcoming enormous challenges, how to make science your ally.

Here are 5 completely free litigation resources based on that combined experience that I'd like to share with you:

floating-david-schwartz-issNew! This Wednesday!  Register: The Five Keys to Effective Scientific Information Management -  If you’re an attorney or someone who works with attorneys dealing with complex science-based litigation, you don’t want to miss this. All you have to do to register is click here for the 10am presentation or here for the 3pm presentation. If you have any questions you can contact Dr. David Schwartz directly at schwartz@innovativescience.net.

using-science-to-win-at-trial-200Read: Using Science to Prevail in Your Next Case or Controversy -  This book explores the unique relationship between science and the law. By looking at how your experts testify, how causation is established and how to explain science in an understandable way to jurors, this ebook breaks new ground for litigators.

experts-meld-evidence-with-argumentsNew!  Whitepaper: How Can Litigators Meld Expert Evidence with Winning Arguments - In this document, we have summarized many of the points we made in a webinar of the same name about how to identify, vet and prepare experts and how to develop winning demonstrative exhibits for expert testimony.

Watch: How Can Litigators Meld Expert Evidence with Winning Arguments - In this one-hour and fifteen minute webinar, Dr. David Schwartz shares how sophisticated litigation teams use both testifying and consulting experts to stay on message. Litigator turned litigation consultant Ryan Flax shares what he's learned about explaining complicated subject matter while trying complex cases for a dozen years. Ted Dunkelberger describes how to pick the best experts and how to make sure they are ready for trial. Watch now.

Read: What is the Value of Litigation Consulting? - We released it last month, and it has been one of our most popular litigation e-books to date already viewed by thousands of people. In it, we break down advice for litigators and ROI for clients into separate sections for litigation graphics, jury consulting and trial technology support. Download now.

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