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The Top Three Articles of the 2nd Quarter of 2018 – and the Top Three of All Time

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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If you're one of the nearly 10,000 long-time readers of this litigation consulting blog, you know that periodically, we list the recent articles that have proved the most popular. We measure popularity based on the number of times an article has been read, so these really are reader rankings.

In today's article, I want to do something a little different. This time I'm listing not only the top three articles of the last quarter but also the current top three articles of all time (since 2011 when we started writing this blog).

In a particular quarter, the top article may see a few thousands of individual readers reading it. However, an article on our blog for five or more years may see tens or hundreds of thousands of readers.

Consistently, topics related to jury selection rank higher than those related to litigation graphics. I think this is because litigation graphics tend to be used primarily in large civil cases, whereas jury selection occurs in large and small cases and in both criminal and civil cases.

These top articles should be interesting to many different types of readers. If you are interested in presenting at trial most effectively, the Netanyahu article should be studied carefully. If you participate in jury selection or hire people who do this kind of work, the voir dire article is a foundational piece.

Top 3 Articles of Q2 2018:

  1.  benjamin-netanyahu-power-point-trial-lawyer-iran-nuclear-weapons-iran-liedNetanyahu Persuades and Presents Better Than Most Trial Lawyers



  1. steve-jobs-trial-lawyer-trial-preparation-trial-presentationWhat Steve Jobs Can Teach Trial Lawyers About Trial Preparation



  1. trial-technician-cost-priceHow Much do Jury Consultants, Litigation Graphics, and Hot-Seaters Cost -- Honestly?



Top 3 Articles Since 2011 (the life of our blog, The Litigation Consulting Report):


  1. voir-dire-must-do-dont-do5 Questions to Ask in Voir Dire . . . Always


  1. expert-witness-testimony-guide-tips-freeThe Top 14 Testimony Tips for Litigators and Expert Witnesses


  1. spot-jury-foreman-leader-identify-consultants10 Ways to Spot Your Jury Foreman

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