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Top 10 Articles About Opening Statements

Ken Lopez
By: Ken Lopez

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The opening statement is, in most trials, the most important part of the case. Here, biases are formed and overcome, attention levels will be at their highest, and up to 80% of jurors will make up their minds about who will win.

Over three decades, A2L Consulting has supported the development of thousands of opening statements. It's where our trial-lawyer clients and we invest the most time and energy. Our work has typically included:

  • the creation of persuasive PowerPoint presentations to accompany well-developed opening statements to;
  • practicing and refining an opening statement 100+ times until it is perfectly delivered;
  • testing versions of opening statements in a mock trial setting to help best plan the trial strategy.

Our team is made up of trial lawyers, psychologists, litigation graphics artists, and hot-seaters. We see many of the world's best trial lawyers practice their craft on a regular basis. As I have always said and written about, Great Trial Lawyers Behave Differently. I often write about how their preparation is altogether different from an average litigator. When I do write about this topic, my goal is to cross-pollinate great techniques and ideas.

This article is no different. I want to share some of what A2L has learned along the way both by watching great trial lawyers prepare for trial and by helping them do so. These best practices expressed in these top 10 articles/books/webinars about opening statements are unique. I hope you can put this information to use as you prepare for your next trial.

  1. How to Structure Your Next Speech, Opening Statement or Presentation
  2. 6 Reasons The Opening Statement is The Most Important Part of a Case
  3. 5 Things TED Talks Can Teach Us About Opening Statements
  4. 7 Ways to Draft a Better Opening Statement
  5. 5 Ways to Maximize Persuasion During Opening Statements - Parts 1-4
  6. 6 Ways to Use a Mock Trial to Develop Your Opening Statement
  7. The Effective Use of PowerPoint Presentation During Opening Statement
  8. $300 Million of Litigation Consulting and Storytelling Validation
  9. Free E-Book: The Opening Statement Toolkit
  10. Free Webinar: 5 Ways to Maximize Persuasion During Opening Statements

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