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Trial Technology: Trial Presentation Software, Courtroom Electronics and Trial Technicians

A flawless trial presentation gives judge and jury confidence that your message can be trusted. Knowing in advance that your trial presentation will be flawless gives the litigation team a confidence that shows through in how they present to judge and jury.  Our trial technology solutions are designed to provide confidence, because confidence helps our clients win.

A2L Consulting has been a leader in providing trial technology litigation support services since the mid 1990s.  Whether your need is focused on jury consulting, litigation graphics, ebriefs, courtroom electonics or trial technicians, we have a nationwide solution that is a quick phone call away.

The term trial technology can mean many things including:

  • Trial technology may refer to the entirety of the trial presentation, including content development, that is shown to judge and jury.
  • Trial technology may refer to pre-trial services like deposition synchronization (depo syncing), the production of electronic briefs (ebriefs),
  • Trial technology may refer to the software and hardware used in the courtroom and warroom.
  • Trial technology may refer to the PowerPoint presentation and development of persuasive litigation graphics.
  • Trial technology may include hot-seat operators
  • Trial technology may include building the trial presentation database - usually working from Concordance, Summation or Ringtail for eventual presentation in Trial Director or Sanction.
  • Trial technology can mean quite a bit . . . and yes, we do it all!

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We encourage you to contact us for more information about trial technology services for the courtroom, mock trials and any pretrial needs.  We would take pleasure in answering your questions.

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